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Attach a workshop description of not more than 100 words that can be used as an abstract for the conference brochure/flyer as well as three learning objectives.

Description of the teaching methods to be used and if any audio/visual/computer equipment is required and/or if special seating or space requirements are needed.

PRESENTERS: Please attach a curriculum vitae or resume for EACH instructor that:
(1)  demonstrates his or her qualifications to conduct the course(s)/educational activities; and
(2) includes at least his or her:
(a) name;
(b) current employment title;
(c) degree(s) earned, with name and location of institution, major, and date received;
(d) licensure status (if applicable);
(e) evidence of expertise on the topic
(f) teaching experience; and
(g) previous professional positions.

Resume’ and/or vitae required from all presenters.

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