Promoting School Social Work

Why “reinvent the wheel”? Take advantage of resources developed by others which may be used or utilized to develop your own materials or documents. The New York State School Social Workers’ Association and the School Social Work Association of America provide a wide variety of resources intended to guide and assist School Social Workers in common areas of their practice in schools.

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  • Elements of School Social Work   One page bulleted quick glance regarding the role and service areas School Social Workers address.  (1 page)
  • Frameworks of School Social Work    Systems level framework for School Social Work Services.  (1 page)
  • How to Get Publicity for School Social Work    Members Only.
  • Macro Level Advocacy Toolkit   “This toolkit will provide tools to increase your knowledge about how to be an effective advocate for the children and families you serve as well as how to promote the role, expertise, and value that school social workers bring to the educational team.  Each module provides the components to develop a strategic plan around macro-level advocacy for state associations or leadership teams.”   Source:  SSWAA
  • National Standards for School Social Workers  Source:  2012, NASW
  • Overlapping and Unique Roles of OH Specialized Pupil Services PersonnelVenn Diagram of SSW, School Psych and School Counseling Roles    Members Only.
  • Overview of School Based Mental Health Services     Members Only.
  • Revenues Generated for School Districts by School Social Work Services  Very useful in demonstrating your financial worth to a school.    Members Only.
  • School Social Work Services One Page
  • School Social Work Scope of Practice
  • Talking Points: SSW’s Role in Addressing Students’ Mental Health Needs, Increasing Academic Achievement & School Violence Prevention   Members Only
  • The Value of School Social Work:  21 Ways to Promote Our Worth in Education Members Only.

School Social Work Week

National School Social Work Week is always the first full week of March.  School Social Work Week provides an excellent opportunity to let others know of the great work that you are doing!   Be sure to notify your district to put in on the School Calendar.   During this week, plan to take the opportunity to “toot your own horn” and let others know how you are impacting the lives of students as you address barriers to learning and increase successful educational and academic outcomes.  Have fun planning this year’s celebration!!

School Social Work Activities–Members

School Social Work Activities–Public

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SSWAA National Campaign to Promote School Social Workers

The theme for National School Social Work Week is “We Rise”. During the school year, School Social Workers are daily confronted with increasing behavioral and social/emotional challenges, the impact of trauma, and increased staff anxieties in addressing these challenges.    However, School Social Workers face these challenges with strength and resilience. School Social Workers rise up – supporting their students, families, and school communities. They rise to listen and understand. They rise to share hope.  School Social Workers rise to provide trauma informed interventions.   They rise to challenge inequities. They rise to advocate for the needs and rights of others.  They rise to support ALL students.  SSWAA has compiled several resources for SSWAA members and hope that you will find them useful.

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Why Schools Need More School Social Workers

NYSSSWA has worked on compiling a web page of articles addressing why schools need more School Social Workers.

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School Social Work Manuals & SSW Articles

See instructive manuals full of resources from other states that can assist you as you develop your School Social Work practice.  Consult this list as well for advocacy information about School Social Workers:

What is the difference between the role of the School Social Worker and the role of other Student Support Staff?

Many times administrators and others want information about how School Social Workers work with other Specialized Instructional Support Personnel i.e. school counselors, school psychologists, etc.  NYSSSWA has compiled various resources and frameworks so assist you.

  • Framework_for_Safe_and_Successful_Schools  In April, 2013 School Social Work Association of America  joined the National Association of Secondary School Principals, National Association of Elementary School Principals, National Association of School Psychologists, American School Counselor’s Association, National Association of School Resource Officers to develop this document that outlines the various roles that we each play in schools. (16 pages)
  • The Student Support Team Brochure   (August, 2014)
    Prepared by members of the New York State Education Department’s Pupil Personnel Services Advisory Team (including NYSSSWA). It provides a brief description of the role of School Social Workers, School Psychologists, School Counselors, School Nurses and School Attendance Officers.  Members Only.

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