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Proposed School Counseling Amendments:

The  New York State Education Department finalized the Counseling Amendments on  November 10th and  presented them to the Board of Regents P-12 Education/Higher Education Joint Meeting on November 14th, 2016.  Please see:

This is the link to the second document-

See also: NYSSSWA President’s  Request for Action  dated December 14, 2016 for more information.  See Details

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OA6763 Sponsor: Ortiz
“Requires at least one full-time licensed social worker to be employed in each elementary, intermediate, middle and junior high school throughout the state.

OA5131 Sponsor: Ortiz
“Requires at least one full-time guidance counselor to be employed in each elementary, intermediate, middle, junior and senior high school throughout the state; sets duties of guidance counselors.”

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“The State Legislature is responsible for enacting the general laws in New York. In doing so, the Legislature often delegates “rule making powers” to the state’s administrative departments and agencies. These agencies are then empowered to develop and enforce the rules and regulations they find necessary to implement the broad policies adopted by the Legislature.” This document describes how rules are created to enact laws in NYS.