CEU Information


NYSSSWA is an approved NYSED CEU Provider. When registering for a Conference, remember to provide your license number for proper CEU credit assignments.

COVID & NYSED Continuing Education Requirements

“Some regulations restrict licensees to a certain percentage of self-study for continuing education requirements. In response to the evolving situation with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and for those licensees whose registrations are due to renew March 1, 2020 – January 1, 2022, the Department will grant an adjustment to all licensees to complete up to 100% of the continuing education as self-study, provided that it is taken from a Department-approved provider and is in an acceptable subject area for the specific profession.

Additionally, the Department will grant an adjustment to all licensees, regardless of registration renewal date, to utilize self-study for any coursework taken during the period from March 1, 2020 – January 1, 2022, provided that it is taken from a Department-approved provider and is in an acceptable subject area for the specific profession.  Coursework taken outside that timeframe must meet the continuing education requirements in each individual profession’s laws and regulations.”  See:  http://www.op.nysed.gov/COVID-19.html

How Do I Obtain NYSSSWA CEUs?

The provision of CEUs is a multi-step manual process. Nothing is automated so please allow time for processing all components.  In order to receive your CEU certificate, you must have the following:

  • Register for a NYSSSWA Event on line via 123SignUp.
  • Successful payment of Registration Fees.  Purchase Orders:  If you are submitting a purchase order, be sure to provide a copy of your invoice to your district’s accounts payable department for payment.   See “How To Print Your Invoice and Pay for Event“.   Approved P.O.s should be faxed to 516-595-8509 or emailed to: purchase.order.request@nyssswa.org
  • Complete the sign-in/sign-out sheets for each Workshop/Keynote Speaker session attended.
  • Complete ALL online surveys after the conference has ended. NYSED requires evaluations for ALL Workshops/Keynote Sessions you attend.  (Find links on respective conference web pages.)
  • Certificates are manually and individually released so will not be able to be accessed until all requirements are verified. Once all steps are completed and confirmed, you will be able to access “Print Certificates” via your 123Signup profile.  See “How to Print My CEU Certificate” for instructions.
  • NYSSSWA CEU Certificates will be stored and available for attendees to print as needed via their 123Signup member account.
  • If you have completed all components and after 3 weeks are still not able to “Print Certificate”, please contact support@123signup.com or   Contact NYSSSWA.

Questions About CEU Requirements?

I just got my license.  When do I start collecting CEUs?

All licensees in their first 3-year registration period are EXEMPT from doing CEs during that period. They must begin accruing CE hours in their second registration period, which is the start of their fourth year as a licensee. Only CE obtained in the registration period it is needed for is acceptable.

For General Information from NYSED regarding Continuing Education, click here.

Still have questions?  Please go to the NYSED webpage for their Question and Answer section.

Mandatory Continuing Education Requirement

WorkshopThe Board of Regents met in April 2014 regarding the proposed rule to implement mandatory continuing education (CEUs) for licensed master social workers (LMSWs) and licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs). The rule was approved and will take effect on May 14th, 2014.  Each LMSW/ LCSW will be required to complete 36 hours of acceptable continuing education in each triennial registration period, effective January 1, 2015.

This law will be implemented on a pro-rated basis for LMSWs/LCSWs whose registration occurs after January 1, 2015. These licensees will have to complete 1 hour per month for each month past January 1, 2015 to re-register. If a LMSW/LCSW’s licensure starts after January 1, 2015 he/she will not have to complete continuing education in the first registration period. According to the information we have been given, a list of approved providers to take CEUs from should be available January 1, 2015. Hours collected prior to January 1, 2015 will not count towards this requirement.

For more specific information, please view the April 2014 memorandum from the New York State Education Department. Download here (30 pages). The last few pages of the memorandum address specific comments/questions that were made during the open comment period regarding CEUs.

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