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Members are essential to the success of the New York State School Social Worker’s Association (NYSSSWA). Your support allows us to offer critically needed ADVOCACY for our profession at the local, state and national levels. Additional benefits include electronic news updates, technical assistance to members, an expanded website providing lots of resources, public policy development, etc.  See Member Benefits. 

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Membership Categories:

Full NYSSSWA Membership – 85.00 USD

Must be an LMSW/LCSW and employed in an educational setting, K-12 or university.

Associate NYSSSWA Membership – 75.00 USD

Required to have BSW or Bachelors/Masters Degree in related profession. You will receive all of the same information but without voting rights.

Retiree NYSSSWA Membership – 55.00 USD

Former school employee.

Student Membership – 55.00 USD

Student interning in a school.

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As a NYSSSWA member you can also join the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) and receive professional liability insurance as well as many other benefits.   As a member of NYSSSWA, you will also receive $25 off of a SSWAA event or product.

Why join SSWAA?   Well SSWAA has 20 reasons!   But, the most important  reason is to be a part of something bigger than yourself and do your part in moving our profession forward. Help School Social Workers be seen as Visible, Vital, & Valuable in schools with a strong voice! Join SSWAA and stand with us and be seen as vital professionals!

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