NYSSSWA In Action: Representing School Social Workers

How NYSSSWA is Working For YOU!

NYSSSWA was asked by the New York General Assembly to participate on the School Safety and Security Task Force Many thanks to so many of you who completed NYSSSWA’s School Safety Survey which provided valuable information.  On November 3, Board member Dr. Robin DeLuca-Acconi, testified in Albany sharing your observations and advocating for School Social Workers and increased mental health services.    Click Here  to read her testimony on behalf of School Social Workers.

New York School Safety Task Force Meeting

Julie Beatrice represented NYSSSWA on July 30, 2021 at the New York State Education Department’s School Safety Task Force Meeting.  See Report.



New York School Safety Task Force Meeting

According to Julie Beatrice, NYSSSWA Board Member, of significance was the fact that 50 or so members of the committee were “clamoring” for the presence and involvement of more mental health services– social workers,  etc.   Julie will be attending a series of meetings representing School Social Workers.  See August’s Full Report. 

World Suicide Prevention Day

9/10/19 Julie Beatrice, NYSSSWA Board member representing New York City (NYC) school social workers and psychologist with UFT.  Julie talked on the steps of city hall on how suicide is prevented when community organizations work together to prevent a young person from committing suicide.  See Press Conference: https://pix11.com/…/advocates-observe-world-suicide-preven…/

New York State Council of Educational Associates (NYSCEA) Meeting attended by NYSSSWA Board Member, Julie Beatrice.  See her report.