School Social Work Certification


Position Statement on Certification Standards for School Social Workers

by the New York State School Social Workers’ Association

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Certification Requirements

In order to be a School Social Worker in a NYS Public School setting, you will need to obtain a provisional certificate as a School Social Worker. When visiting the New York State Department of Education website, school social workers’ information can be found under the Pupil Personnel Services designation. After 2 years of service you will be eligible to apply for a permanent certificate. Each of these certificates has a list of requirements which we offer access to through the links below.

Provisional Certification:

To Access Guidelines go to:

  • School Social Workers are included in the drop down for Administrators and Pupil Personnel Services
  • Under Subject area you will find “Social Worker”
  • Under Select a Grade Level Certification for Social Workers is for grades “Pre K-12” All Grades
  • Under Title is “School Social Worker”
  • Select Type of Certificate interested in

Please note:

  • As a requirement of the certification process you must obtain a Licensed Master Social Worker.
  • Workshop – Child Abuse Identification (2 clock hours)
  • Workshop – School Violence Intervention and Prevention (2 clock hours)
  • Workshop – Dignity For All Students Act   (6 clock hours)
  • Finger printing clearance    See Instructions

Permanent Certification:

To Access Guidelines go to:

  • To progress to a Permanent Certificate, the applicant must hold a valid Provisional Certificate in the title of the Permanent Certificate sought. i.e. “School Social Worker”.
  • Paid, full-time Pupil Personnel experience – School Social Worker – 2 Yr
  • Citizenship Status – INS Permanent Residence or U.S. Citizenship


Contact NYSED at

Practice Alerts and Guidelines from NYSED Office of the Professions for Social Workers:

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