News: Tips for Coping with the Holidays


December, 2022



As we all know, the holiday season can be especially stressful even under “normal” circumstances.  The past 3 years have compounded those stress levels for many.    We have compiled a few resources to assist you as you assist others during this season.

Handling Holiday Stress:

Finding Power in Anxious Feelings.    “The Covid-19 pandemic is reaching new records for positive cases each day. Schools across the nation are feeling the stress and pressure whether in person, remote, or hybrid. The holidays add extra tension, especially for those with differing opinions within their family, or who cannot see their family. ”  Read more.  Source:  Hauer, C. 11/27/2020.  School Social Work Association of America

Stress, Depression and the Holidays:  Tips for Coping    The Mayo Clinic offers some great tips during this Holiday season in the midst of COVID-19. “Being realistic, planning ahead and seeking support can help ward off stress and depression” especially if holidays have been difficult in the past let alone with COVID.  Take time to “stop and regroup”.    Read more.    Source:  American Psychological Association  

Give Yourself Grace:  Accept Imperfection:

4 Mindful Tips to De-Stress During the Holidays.   1st tip:  “Accept Imperfection” (It still tastes just as good!) Where do this year’s celebrations fit into the grand scheme of things?  Read more      Source:   Johns Hopkins Medicine

Managing Expectations.   (Especially this year).   “Everyone has a vision of the perfect holiday, but when reality fails to live up to the dream, stress can result.”  There will be several opportunities for flexibility and resilience this year.    Source:  American Psychological Association 

Grief During the Holidays:

Grief Over the Holidays:  Educators Can Help Students Cope.   Information and steps educators can take to assist grieving students during the holidays.   Source:  National Center for School Crisis & Bereavement

Grief and the Holiday: Dealing with the Pain   Source: 

Grief and Loss Throughout the Holiday Season  Source:  Mayo Clinic

Holiday Toolkit: Supporting Grieving Children During the Season of Family   No matter what holiday you celebrate during this season, it is one of family closeness and family traditions.  It is also a time to reflect on those who are no longer with us.  The National Association of Grieving Children provides a toolkit to help “families to celebrate loved ones, those present and those who have died.”  Read more. Source:  National Association of Grieving Children. ”

Coping with Financial Concerns:

Dealing with Financial Stress    Practical tips to help you deal with the financial stresses around the holiday.  Source of article and graphic.  12/3/2020 American Psychological Association    

Navigating the holidays with COVID-19 affected finances    Nine (9) practical tips to help make the dollar stretch farther like “go in on joint gifts”, “don’t be afraid to buy and give used”,  “use your credit card points”, etc.  Read more.  Source:  Hoyt, Bobby. 11/16/2020  American Psychological Association 

Have a Wonderful Holiday and enjoy your much deserved time off!

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